Meemee Lemons first secret.

I have really been wanting to blog for a while now. I recently went back on myspace and realized that I had already been blogging before blogging became cool. Anyways, this will be the place that I will confess about different things I have done throughout my life. Today I will start off with how I bruised my vagina. I went to a friends house for a party and there was a huge hole in his back deck. I remember thinking “I am going to be the first one to fall in that hole. Low and behold, I got drunk and one of my legs went straight through that hole. It hurt so bad that it knocked me sober. I had to have three or for people help me out of the hole. I ran to the bathroom where I noticed a black and blue vagina. I continued to drink afterwards so it didn’t bother me that much to show off my bruised vagina. Partially because I was drunk and partially because it was bruised so bad that you couldn’t tell what part of my body it was anyways. I think the most embarrassing part of it was the couple days afterward. I had a gynecology appointment and had to explain what had happened. She was sympathetic and said that a similar situation that involved horseback riding happened to her. The MOST embarrasing part about it was that I had just started dating this guy and we were at a point where we were about to start having sex. I pushed so hard to try not to have sex with him then I had to explain to him why my vagina was black and blue. Thankfully my doctor and boyfriend at the time didn’t think twice about my bruised vagina.

Meemeelemons Secret #1.